Monday, 27 April 2009

it's been a two visit week to the allotment for me this week. once with isobel on friday afternoon and again yesterday with ashley. some big jobs got taken care of.

the purple sprouting broccoli was bursting into a lovely yellow flower and needed to be cleared to make way for onions and carrots

we've chosen to leave this one magnificent brussels sprout in place to admire it's beauty and with a view to collecting some seed.

the seeds sown in the greenhouse are beginning to appear, there's beetroot, celeriac, leek

ashley has prepared the ground for his carrot tubes that will be interplanted with onions

i stripped the remaining leaves from the broccoli stems and fed them to the compost heap. the stalks, which are remarkable woody, will be dried out and burned.

these are some sweet peas that i planted next to the rhubarb yesterday, the seeds were got at our weed swap.

and i've been sowing some marigold seeds as compainion plants - who knew the seeds looked so wonderful !

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

a beautiful sunny day at the allotment this weekend, and plenty to do:
making sure that the new forest part of the plot is happy and well watered

harvesting and sharing out an enormous broccoli harvest

admiring the perky garlic

and watching the boys do the real work and sowing the spuds

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

thanks to everyone who came to the forest garden day at the allotment on sunday - we counted 32 people at one point, and a big thanks too to jo who organised and ran the session.

photos of the finished ( or started ) forest garden coming soon.