Sunday, 23 August 2009

our latest team member, he needs a name.
a very large and handsome frog has moved into our pond and looks to be very happy there

lots of other good things to eat

tim and i experimented with some mushroom growing last week, it seems that a constant temperature is important, between 10 and 20 degrees, if we get lucky with that then i'm quite hopeful for a good crop

Friday, 14 August 2009

seed saving part 2

saving sweet pea seeds.
i've collected pods from the garden and the allotment, when left to dry on their own they twist and pop open in a very pleasing way.

seed saving part 1

a new obsession: saving seed
these are the tiny seeds of the pink aquilegia that i bought from the bohemia market this year.

home grown chamomile tea

this is the chamomile that i harvested from the wheelbarrow, the flowers were picked in the morning and hung to dry for a week or so. they made a really lovely pot of tea. i think that this counts as an experiment that will be worth repeating.

i've also now noticed that the dainty yellow flowers are growing in many other places around the plot.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

first carrot

ashley and i decided to pull up our first transition carrot today

had a bit of a job getting it out of its tube ...

but it was long and straight

and delicious !

kohlrabi looking good too, i must find out what's good to do with them

last weekend we made a big fire

i had two trips to the plot the week before last, this is what i'm aiming for now, friday and sunday mornings.
on friday i managed to sneak in and out between some very dramatic looking skies whthout getting wet.
on saturday night ashley had organised a bonfire party, there were plenty of cleared weeds and brambles to burn, and onions, garlic and potatoes to roast in the fire.

it was lovely to be there at a different time of day and to see the plot in the evening light.

we had a few drinks and laughs, and loved watching fifi so enjoy eating some freshly dug horseradish.

i hope that we'll do it again before the end of the summer