Sunday, 29 June 2008

end of june round-up

last weekend things started looking pretty good down on plot one.

tidy, ordered, weedfree rows

and the currants are looking juicy...

then we covered a bit of plot two with some heavy black plastic to save on some digging... clearly we're going to need a bit more - let me know if you can help

today: kim and colin built these beauties to protect some of the brassicas...they're taking no chances with the rabbits

colin demonstrates the hose that he successfully fixed up with the correct attachment

and those of you who say you're coming and havent ...

if we don't see you soon then we're sending ashley round to find out why ... and he's pretty fierce

later taters

Sunday, 8 June 2008

8 june 08

great day at the allotment today, a veritable hive of activity...check it out:

ashley moved the alpine strawberries to a shady spot under the tree at the back of the plot, and i was very impressed to see this beautiful architecture that he has created.

tess and kim got busy with some lovely looking mangetout plants...

we discovered that the currants are definitely going to be redcurrants and the sight of the gooseberries made my mouth water.
also planted were some squash, leeks and purple sprouting broccolli. we're really rockin' now.

thanks for all your help when we know that you have so much else to do tess, and woody, we really couldn't manage without you :)