Sunday, 8 June 2008

8 june 08

great day at the allotment today, a veritable hive of activity...check it out:

ashley moved the alpine strawberries to a shady spot under the tree at the back of the plot, and i was very impressed to see this beautiful architecture that he has created.

tess and kim got busy with some lovely looking mangetout plants...

we discovered that the currants are definitely going to be redcurrants and the sight of the gooseberries made my mouth water.
also planted were some squash, leeks and purple sprouting broccolli. we're really rockin' now.

thanks for all your help when we know that you have so much else to do tess, and woody, we really couldn't manage without you :)


Jules said...

What do you want doing next Kathryn? Nick and I are going to lay the black sheet on the other plot (probably this weekend) and I need to finish clearing the broccoli plot ready for your next delivery. But after that...?

Jules said...

One other thing... Is anyone else rubbish at making compost? Can we have a composting course?

kathryn said...

hi, i think we need to get going with the pond, getting the frogs to start slug patrol is really important, it doesn't need to be big...can we save a little of your black sheet to use as liner ? or does someone have some kind of container that we could use...or we use old truck tyres like ashley suggested ?

Jules said...

Yes, we can use some of my liner - I'm not expecting it back, but would we rather have a pond or kill an extra couple of square metres of weeds?! What time of year do frogs seek out new ponds to inhabit?