Monday, 21 July 2008

the march of the greenhouse ( or, why did the greenhouse cross the road ?)

the great March of the Greenhouse 2008.
donated by someone kind and marched all they way from bekesbourne by mark, ashley, geoff, jules, jo, nick and lisa.

great job everyone, and sorry i doubted the plan!

tim, tess, kim and i kept up with the necessary tasks on the plot and welcomed zoe on her first visit while we awaited.

we thought this meant that the fennel was ready.
it wasn't.
but we did have a handful of mangetout for dinner and picked more berries for jam.


Jules said...

Yep, we did it... we walked a greenhouse from Bekesbourne to Canterbury and it now stands proudly on our allotment, waiting for its base to go down and the glass to be replaced.

It was a beautiful morning on Sunday, though a tad windy, as the volunteers gathered for the off. Ashley came with 3 pneumatic wheels (sadly he couldn't find the fourth), but it soon became apparent that they couldn't be fitted well enough to be of use, so we stuck with plan A: to carry the beast. Jo did a fantastic job of making a banner, just to let everyone know what it was all about and then we were off! Nick, Lisa, Jo, Geoff, Ashley, Mark and me, with Christina in the safety car, set off along School Lane with the best wishes of our benefactors (the Clark family) ringing in our ears. I have to say that I was a little anxious about joining Station road, as it's the main road to Howletts zoo and I reckoned it was going to be busy, but Mark and Lisa did a fantastic job of marshalling the traffic around us and we arrived safely onto the private road that leads straight from Patrixbourne to the Barton estate. From that moment, it was a pleasing walk through (mostly) open countryside, accompanied by plenty of banter and good humour. A couple of rest stops allowed aching arms to change position, so that no-one got the heaviest corner for too long and before we knew it, the spires of Bell Harry were in sight. Kathryn greeted us in her usual effervescent manner as we arrived at the allotment and we guided our burden perfectly through the gates with a real sense of achievement!

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that the fennel is a parsnip in disguise.