Tuesday, 9 September 2008

so kim and i made a tactical decision to meet for tea in the rain this sunday and go to the allotment on monday instead. it proved to be a good decision.
we got to see the poo that jules has kindly delivered, it looks mighty fine.
we lifted a LOT of comfrey ( comfrey is good for composts and making fertilizer ) and so perhaps fortunately we have tonnes of it.
we weeded around the brassicas, which are now looking magnificent, in preparation for sowing a green manure crop sometime in the next few weeks.
then we dug up the last of the treasure.
now we'd like to think about what to grow next year and we'd like there to be a good variety of interesting and unusual crops. and most importantly there must be something that even the fussiest eater ( that's you mr. may ) will want to greedily devour.
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Jules said...

Interesting and unusual is nice, but in practical terms, veggies with high nutritional values are better. The definition of 'staple' is "a necessary commodity for which demand is constant" and that's what makes the basics a good choice.