Monday, 24 November 2008

collapse! ... and a breathtaking rebuild

weekend before last, kim and i walking along the path to out plot and the conversation goes something like this:

kim: uh... where's our greenhouse ?
me: b*$$*£#s!

this weekend, in the FREEZING COLD and with a heavy sense that it could all be too late, we set about unfolding the 'parts that were formerly a greenhouse'

we lifted and re-errected it on next door's plot ... not looking too bad, only the roof part had become detached

here's mark, or as he shall now be known - 'supermark' carefully measuring and cutting timber for the base

spilling blood in the process

though it didn't stop him for a second

mark, ashley and colin were all astonishingly brilliant while kim and i mostly stood around holding bits of frame, passing spanners, offering words of encouragement and (me) complaining about the cold.

and then finally, as if by magic, it was all fixed and beautiful.

i'm so excited about all the things we will grow in there.

having walked the thing from bekesbourne it just would have been to sad to have let it fail. next stop fitting the glass.
thanks you guys, you rock.

oh and i mustn't forget to introduce our new neighbours, this is the very beautiful ella (who will sit for a biscuit)

and sadie, who is toothless but also beautiful

and their humans deborah and george, who have already offered us access to their free manure supplier. say hi if you see them.

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