Tuesday, 26 May 2009

it wa
s almost too hot for gardening on sunday when we were at the allotment so i'm very pleased to see so much rain today. the soft fruit is bursting forth and will need netting soon
kim and i planted out some beetroot seedlings

the chamomile wheelbarrow is looking mighty fine

tomatoes ar
e ready to be transferred to beds in the greenhouse
the pomegranate tree is a really beautiful colour, and that's the carrot tubes in the background
ers are doing well
and i found this prettiness living amongst the currants

and an enormous thank you to Richard and Joke for the delivery of a magnificent pile of poo !

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Anonymous said...

Looking good!

On the Forest Garden educational theme, both for CTT allotment and elsewhere, these folks are doing some very very interesting work:


The books they've produced are excellent.

This one by Eric Toensmeier is excllent also:


...containing a very good description of the permaculture type sheet mulching technique. I would definitly consider designing and planting a garden by this method next time I make/am involved with one.

Order these books from the library. One other thing. The link to this allotment bogpage is not that clear on the main CTT blogpage - maybe an obvious link somewhere. Again, nice to see open strategy/planning meetings for the CTT network...not all TT groups are doing it that way. I think that this is a more important issue than it might seem. And no I don't neccessarily want to attend (and try and take control of or something from some sort of anarchist collective perspective) the strategy meetings myself - its the principle of democracy that will make the whole thing work better...which surely is the point...to break through to more people, to break through with the right consciousness, ideas and practice....essentially (I would say) aiming for awareness and respect for a living natural system - The Mother Earth..rather than what we have been doing at least here in the 'west' in recent history. This is the crux of the problem...something that will problem be quite difficult for many to get their head around - particularly those individuals in government.