Tuesday, 29 September 2009

strawberries for october

this, believe it or not is our exquisitely flowered green manure crop ( phacelia ) i think that the idea is that it shouldn't flower, therefore returning it's energy to the soil so we cut a few stems for a vase. i know we can't eat them but i've watched bees feed on them and i hope that they will noticeably improve the soil for us next spring

this is where we sowed it, where the potatoes were this year. you can see the 3 stages of growth as we cleared the spuds.

and the wheelbarrow carrots are doing nicely

we're very proud to be covered in the new Transition book,
Local Food: how to make it happen in your community
rob hopkins and tamzin pinkerton have done a wonderful job, basically if you are a person who relies on food to live then i think that this book is for you.

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