Sunday, 31 July 2011

 quiz: how many frogs can you see here ?
 four !
i think kim's carrot bed looks like a beautiful painting, she's very good at that.

and some drying garlic

we're eating now, a few:
dwarf french beans
courgettes, yellow and green,
alpine strawberries
rainbow chard
frogs legs (joke)

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Anni Kelsey said...

What a beautiful allotment you have. I live in Shropshire and like you I am trying to find ways of growing local food in a sustainable way. My particular interest is perennial vegetables. They can be grown as part of a forest garden, integrated in a permaculture veg garden or a more traditional veg patch or grown in polycultures (which is how I grow them). I think they are part of the answer to growing local food sustainably.
I have a blog about my gardening exploits at for anyone who is interested and I am happy to help with any queries people may have.
Best wishes
Anni Kelsey